Download Cent Browser 2023 for Windows

Cent Browser 2023 for Windows
Cent Browser 2023 for Windows | Download Cent Browser 2023 for Windows – Cent Browser is a newcomer free browser based on chromium which is very well received by many. This browser is very flexible and has a clean appearance that makes it easy and comfortable to use. This browser made by Cent Studio has also been equipped with various advanced features and a fairly capable level of security.

This browser has the advantages of excellent features such as memory optimization, privacy protection, private tabs, privacy protection, scrollable tab bar, and so on. Of the many browsers currently available, especially those that use chromium-based, Cent Browser is the choice of many people who want flexibility when using a browser.

Cent Browser for Windows PC 2023

Cent Browser 2023 includes several useful features, such as lazy session loading, which allows the browser to load only the current tab on startup and other tabs only when they are selected, show download button, hide bookmark star from the end of the location bar, image background, show bookmarks in multiple columns, run as an extension in one process, and more.

Privacy options are also emphasized in the Chromium browser. You can quickly stop Google suggestions, ban hazardous websites, disable Google suggestions, disable WebRTC, prevent IP leaks using WebRTC, disable HTML5 canvas fingerprinting, disable HTML5 AudioContex, disable access to battery status, and disable screenshots with the extension. Encrypting passwords and cookies are also an option.

One of the best features of Cent Browser 2023 is the Super Drag settings. Copy, search, open new foreground or background tabs, and drag and drop are all options. Cent Browser also supports mouse motions.

In the browser settings, you may access all of the possible motions. You may start new tabs, forward pages, copy the current URL to the clipboard, and open the top page, among other things.

Main Features of Cent Browser 2023

Various interesting features have been embedded in this browser, here are some features you need to know:

1. Memory Optimization.

You don’t have to worry about this browser interfering with the performance of your PC or laptop if you have a low-spec PC or laptop because it comes with features that optimize memory use so you can surf the internet smoothly.

2. Mouse Gesture.

To perform specific functions in this browser, you don’t need to touch the keyboard, menus, or toolbars; instead, you can simply use mouse movements.

3. Privacy protector.

As we all know, most websites on the internet employ tracking technologies to track user behavior. Still, you can preserve your privacy by using this browser to prevent several sorts of trackers.

4. Incognito Mode.

This browser, like Chrome, includes an incognito mode that allows you to browse the web without saving your surfing history. You can also use this mode to switch between multiple accounts.

5. Flexible & Effective.

The performance of the Cent browser may be summarized in two words: versatile and effective. This app provides the most effortless and unique browsing experience thanks to its promising and very welcome features. The app’s simple UI makes it incredibly easy to browse and provides endless alternatives.

5. A portable version is available.

You can use the portable version if you don’t want to install it. You can use the browser without having to install it if you use the portable version. All settings can be saved to a Pendrive and utilized from the device.

In conclusion: Cent Browser 2023 is one of the best Chromium-based browser choices according to our experiments. It is a browser built on the same open-source base as Google Chrome and Opera. However, Cent Browser comes with various additional features and is equipped with enhanced privacy and security settings. You have more control over what you want to enable from app settings and what you share with the Web.

Software Information

Name: Cent Browser
Developer: Cent Studio
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.

Download Cent Browser 2023 for Windows

Cent Browser 2023 for Windows Offline Installer (32-bit) | Download Here
Cent Browser 2023 for Windows Offline Installer (64-bit) | Download Here
Cent Browser Portable 2023 for Windows | Download Here

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