Download Dolphin Browser 2023 APK for Android

Dolphin Browser 2023 APK for Android
Dolphin Browser 2023 APK for Android | Download Dolphin Browser 2023 APK for Android – Dolphin Browser is an internet browser that makes it easier to browse the internet on your mobile device. Furthermore, Dolphin may be adjusted in settings, sound, gesture control, and sharing functions to suit the user’s preferences. Dolphin Browser 2023 APK is 5x faster when we compare with most Android default browsers and some tests show it is 2x faster than Chrome. This delivers a more enjoyable experience for individuals who enjoy playing web games and using web applications.

Dolphin browser was initially published as a sort of alternate browser option to various types of already available browsers. As a result of the fierce rivalry, the Dolphin browser 2023 APK is prepared to give its consumers comprehensive and timely services.

Dolphin Browser 2023 APK

To keep up with the incredibly rapid growth of its user base, Dolphin has officially launched Dolphin Labs to support innovation in the mobile area. Dolphin Labs is comprised of a global research and development team that works together to undertake joint research in the mobile field. Dolphin Labs’ invention will be focused on mobile browsing activities through a variety of devices, which were previously thought to be challenging to accomplish with current technology.

The mobile browser, which is extremely popular with Dolphin smartphone users, has now officially launched on the global market in a number of countries, including the United States. When it comes to loading HTML5-based webpages, Dolphin Browser APK 2023 claims to be the quickest browser available. When compared to other browsers, Dolphin received a higher overall score in a test that was conducted.

The Smart Gesture function of Dolphin Browser 2023 APK, as compared to its competitors, allows users to create shortcuts simply by drawing particular things in the browser, which is one of the advantages of Dolphin. In addition, the Dolphin Browser has an Intuitive Sonar feature that allows you to speak orders to the Dolphin Browser to find the information you’re looking for.

Main Features of Dolphin Browser 2023

User Interface (User-Agent)

With the Dolphin Android User-Agent, you may easily switch between desktop and mobile views depending on your requirements. View in mobile mode for concise information or in desktop mode for complete capability. You can also change the layout of the target site to one of the following: Android, iPhone, or iPad. If you like it, you should look into the Desktop Toggle Add-on.

Share with a single tap.

You can instantly share web pages with your friends through a shared Wi-Fi network by tweeting them, posting them on Facebook, sending them to them via email, or sending them to them via email.


Installing your favourite Android Add-ons will help to make your Dolphin even better. With 50 Android Add-ons and counting, you can install the Add-ons that you need to complete the tasks you need to complete on the go. Have you forgotten your password? Password Manager can be of assistance. Do you want to give your Dolphin Browser 2023 APK a fresh look? Shiny Shake is a colour-changing app that you may download. Would you like to read a webpage in French? Dolphin Translate is a free service.


Dolphin Browser 2023 provides a more enjoyable browsing experience with the use of Multi-Touch Zoom. When viewing them in desktop mode, do you find it difficult to read web pages? Dolphin Multi-Touch Zoom provides a solution to this problem. Pinch your fingers together on the screen to make the text larger or smaller on the screen. To zoom in and out, double-tap the target area twice. Dolphin dynamically adjusts the text size to meet any screen size on any device.

Dolphin Sonar: Android Voice Control

In this release, Dolphin is proud to introduce the unique way to browse using your Android voice control. Using our newest feature, Dolphin Sonar, you can search, share, and navigate by simply shaking your phone and instructing Dolphin what you want to do.

Browsing Using Tabs

Tabbed browsing makes viewing the mobile web as simple as accessing the web on a desktop computer. You may organize your tabs at the top of your screen and control them in either window or tab mode. There is no need to leave your webpage to go between open websites because Dolphin makes it simple to multitask.


Dolphin SideBar allows you to make the most of a limited mobile interface. You may rapidly access additional functionality with Dolphin by swiping to the right sidebar and left sidebar, respectively. With a swipe left, you may access full-screen mode or your favourite Add-ons. The right-hand swipe will allow you to browse through your bookmarks and folders.

Dolphin Browser 2023 Free Download
Dolphin Browser 2023 Free Download

Software Information

Name: Dolphin Browser
Developer: Dolphin Team
Operating System: Android

Download Dolphin Browser 2023 APK for Android

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